Meet Jake Cordero: Dania Beach Arts & Seafood Celebration 2019 Performance Artist

As an Artist who believes in the constant evolution of creativity, my objective is to always “say something” and stretch my imagination more and more. Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure Book, and we are the Authors. Similar to the Ocean, I like to dig slightly deeper than just a pretty picture. I truly enjoy the challenges of innovation and creativity. There’s no greater love for me than to be presented with a boring room in a house, business, or community street where I am able to listen to the stories, taste the atmosphere, analyze my surroundings and begin to create a unique concept from paper to its final brushstroke. Within those concepts, if I have the opportunity to add a little “umpf” to the equation, you better believe I will.

My work always has some aspect of concentrated detail, sarcasm, and the contrasts of humanity with a hint of personal struggles in them. I am continuously creating and networking with people from cultures of all walks of life. You will see me during Live Painting Events, customizing works for Businesses and Residences, and posting Works in Progress pics and videos on Social Media. What my clients and curators value in collaborating with me is my confidence, honesty and immeasurable professional work ethics. Due to my own adolescent experiences, I take pride in providing a Voice for the Voiceless. Not necessarily creating imagery on concepts that have never been heard of, but providing a platform to share the struggles of my own and others’, colors, stories, triumphs and allow us all to be vulnerable. I don’t mind sticking up for the minorities, empowering the less confident, the so-called “nerds”, bullied and abused or neglected. Anyone falling short of genuine, organic love.

I utilize a Surreal-Organic imagery with bold graphic line work, colorful contrast and the need to make a statement of some kind. I attempt to capture elements of my Past and Present….in hopes to evolve on different intellectual and emotional levels in the Future.