Visit our Performance Art Theatre at the Dania Beach Arts & Seafood Celebration where artists will create beautiful pieces LIVE during our two-day event.

Marcos Conde

Marcos Conde is a visual artist in South Florida focusing on painting and public art projects. He was born in Peru and grew up in different cities since moving to the U.S at the age of five. There were no artistic inclinations in his family nor has he received a formal art education but his journey into art started in his early twenties, as a therapeutic practice at a rehab facility.

Since then, he has continued to develop a colorful body of work that portrays a sense of movement, energy and emotion. He has worked with different private and community organizations to develop many public art installations.

He has created murals and has exhibited in Broward, Miami, and West Palm Beach He has worked with clients that include public schools, corporate offices, city organizations and independent businesses in the US.

He has been highly influenced by the impact of public art on his own life and has spent the last few years using his experience and creative ability to design and install artwork that integrates a unique perspective in different public spaces.

Team Sandtastic

Marcos Great Performance art will be on display this year as we welcome sand sculptors Team Sandtastic.

Team Sandtastic builds custom sand sculptures around the world. The talented design team is famous for holding a Guinness Book of World Record for creating a 27-foot sand sculpture in Stone Mountain Park Georgia. Based in Sarasota, Florida, Team Sandtastic creates beautiful sculptures from tons of sculpting sand. One of their most famous sculptures is Sandi, a 700 ton, 35 foot, lighted musical Christmas tree that delights both young and old viewers in Palm Beach, Florida.

We hope you enjoy the work of Team Sandtastic at this year’s Arts and Seafood Celebration. Take a selfie as you admire their fantastic work.