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Andrew Moschburg

Moschburg is a fine art painter from around the globe. He uses oils and acrylics on canvas to capture the image of his travels. Moschburg specializes in fine detailed large canvas pieces that uses a wide variety of colors. He hopes to accomplish capturing life’s more dramatic and awakening moments within his paintings. He believes life has a certain beauty to all its joys but also to all its misery. Moschburg’s unique style reflects times of sorrow, times of glee, and the most confused, silliest of times. His work is a direct reflection of his dedication and passion for creating a magnificent piece of art.

Rudolf Gayle


  • 1988-90: New World School of the Arts (high school)
  • 1991092 New World School of the Arts (college)


  • 1982-87 The Eight Miami Beach Festibal of the Art Youth Exhibit
  • 1985: Dade County Public Schools Student Show
  • 1985: Southern Florida Regional Exhibition
  • 1988-90: New World School of the Arts Student Exhibition
  • 1992: Miami Dade Community College Gallery; wolfson campus (one man show)
  • 1999: City of North Miami Beach Library (one man show)


  • *Gold Key* from South Florida Regional Exhibition
  • *Honor* from North Center for the Arts
  • *Merit* from ACT-SO Awards Luncheon
  • *Special Arts* from Celebrate Art


  • City of North Miami Beach Gallery


  • City of North Miami Beach Community Newspaper
  • City Link
  • New Times

AO Artz

Inspired by street art urban fashion Ale aka @aoartz is a contemporary pop art and mix-media artist who began her career in 2017. AO who found a passion for color, fusions art and fashion to create a one of a kind art to wear piece. “You can tell my story by the color of my pieces. Color challenges us to live a life full of expression”. -ale . Residing in Florida AO has been commissioned to create multiple art to wear pieces around the world.